Why Elon Failed

Elon stepped into a world he was unfamiliar and unequipped to handle.

December 19, 2022

* note this was done via voice to text to use as notes for a live video discussion - grammar and mistakes are riddled throughout

Elon Musk's reign as Twitter majority owner and CEO has been an unmitigated disaster and failure thus far. This is not a knock on Elon Musk. Failure is a part of life. This is not a black pill moment unless you let it become that. 

Tucker Carlson spoke at Am Fest this past weekend and talked about dealing with failure. He actually said when you go back and look at your life, failures are your best moments.

Elon should have just been honest. The government was involved and the government is still involved.

Here's why I bought Twitter. All these companies, including this disgusting corporate credit score ESG are going after me. SBF had a better ESG score than Exxon.

I want to make humans multi planetary. It's a mission that is a political. There's a war in Ukraine that could pop off nuclear warfare at any moment. Mars would have an opportunity to set up our own government. There'll be no different than the pilgrims who left England to flee the Church of England.

I have to make money on the platform so I can't be free speech. The government's tied into me. I can't be free speech if you believe in those things that I said. I apologize. I was naive. We are in a tough position globally and as a country.

Wouldn't that have felt better?

Look at all his decisions through both of these different lenses.

Ye decision

Him stepping down doesn't mean he's still not owning Twitter. Would be just putting some poor smuck up to take the hits that he's been taking while he's still makes the same decisions. I don't think that's going to work because we all know he's the one making the decisions.

Lex Friedman volunteered

Here's my takeaway God. LeBron James Kevin Durant they had a similar situation where they became enemies in the NBA. LeBron was hated when he left Cleveland for Miami. They called this the decision.

Elon Musk I think was purposely trying to be hated by both extremes but that's not a principle That's not based on a moral foundation

Who says my moral foundation is I won't. I want both extremes to hate me. They can't be a moral foundation Who defines what extremist. That's why I have problem with people who say they are people of God. But they define this person. Extreme this person is condemned. This sin is worse than that sin. You are not God. You're a person of God

And that's different than judging. I can judge someone and say that their lifestyle I don't believe is of God and it's not for me but I'm not labeling them as extreme or saying that they're going to go to hell or any other decision that is not up to me

Elon Musk doesn't believe in God.

That doesn't mean he's not going to do great things or hasn't done great things obviously has. But when you look at solutions to the problems that were having, those are different than the engineering that goes into getting us into space or creating a rocket ship that can launch and then re-land. He can do those solutions because those solutions are mathematical their engineering

When it comes to faith-based solutions like bringing society together making us more civil towards each other, there's no math that solves that equation. He can't be the one to bring the solution. He doesn't believe in God. Even forget about that. Everything happening is a anti-God movement. Even if it wasn't, he wouldn't be the one to bring the solution. He doesn't have a moral foundation. He doesn't have principles. He doesn't have a driving force greater than us that motivates him to do something outside of engineering mathematics. So even though I don't think steppin down changes much unless he completely sells any leaves, I think it will help him stay in the wheelhouse of his strength and not in his weakness.

These decisions that we're talking about are moral decisions. Elon Musk would not have been a founding father. The reason this country is so great is cuz it's founded on God. These principles of our country are founded on God. Elon Musk doesn't look at it that way. That's why he doesn't care about the first amendment. That's why he says man my son's in danger. I have to do this. That's my moral. My morals are my fears that's not immoral. I don't blame him but that's not a moral

Kanye post something everybody gets excited and they're angry. You have to make a moral decision. He says well I wanted to punch him in the face. Isn't that incitement to violence

People are talking about Alex Jones. He leaves all these things up to polls but he didn't leave Alex Jones is fate up to a poll. Why is that. He says it was because his son died and he thinks he honestly thinks that. I believe looking at it now it's not a lie. He honestly believes that's a moral. It's not

Either way he found out this way that he isn't great at everything. He's not a man of faith. Everybody can't be great at everything. He is so smart and other areas. But if you talk about faith, I would go to yay. I would go to Young fury. I would go to Bryson Gray. I just name them because I watch them a lot. There's plenty of other people. I would go to them on any moral decision before I ever thought about going to Elon Musk He won't be the one to bring people together and that's okay.


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