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If you are an independent thinker and believe in love for your fellow citizen regardless of class, race or any other identity, then be sure to watch my latest videos.

Stuck In The Middle

I am a first generation Jamerican born in Cleveland, Ohio. I represent that down to earth spirit of the midwest and love for our country. After pursuing an Actuarial Science degree at the University of Michigan I re-settled near Denver.

As the madness of 2020 unfolded I decided to grab a Canon M50, an iPad and a green screen to upload my thoughts to the internet. That's how Stuck in the Middle was formed. My mission is to have fun while bringing light to pertinent topics with my unique perspective. I have the hope that as a country we'll realize there's more that we agree on than we don't.

My name is Wayne McEachron, my nickname 'Osiris' dates back to fond days playing hip-hop music at a college radio station as 'DJ Osiris' 89.3 WHFR circa 2004.

Thank you for stopping by and don't be a stranger!


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