Unmasking Megyn Kelly's DeSantis Verdict: Hits and Misses

An analysis of Megyn Kelly's critique of Ron DeSantis' presidential launch, distinguishing the valid points from the misconceptions. Dive in for a nuanced perspective.

May 26, 2023

Opinion Editorial

In her critique of Ron DeSantis' Twitter Spaces Presidential candidacy announcement, Megyn Kelly pinpoints a profound lack of substance and authenticity. Labeling the event as "boring", "cringy", and "uncomfortable", she expresses dismay over the lack of challenging questions and headline-grabbing content. She laments the absence of any humanizing moments or meaningful connections established with the candidate, despite her agreement with many of his policies.

While acknowledging that DeSantis may indeed be a policy-driven politician, Kelly suggests that his approach might not be sufficient to win over the devoted base of Donald Trump, who holds a significant lead in the polls and whose supporters have a deep emotional connection with him. Her key point underscores the importance of more than policy alignment: the necessity of personal connection and emotion in politics.

The launch of Ron DeSantis' Presidential candidacy through Twitter Spaces generated a multitude of reactions, some of which question the decision to avoid tough debate-style questions. However, the absence of such challenging discourse during a launch is not a concerning issue. In fact, it's more of an unconventional strategy rather than a matter of concern.

Where Ron DeSantis seems to falter is in his ability to authentically connect. Indeed, he isn't the comedian or the social butterfly; his strength lies elsewhere. Yet, rather than openly acknowledging this, he comes across as merely a puppet dancing to the tunes of his corporate political advisors. This lack of authenticity, rather than a lack of humor or sociability, stands as a significant hindrance to his political endeavors.

Megyn Kelly, with her fair-minded assessment, rightly points out the shortcomings in DeSantis' announcement. Her return to political commentary has been a breath of fresh air, demonstrating that her skills are better suited to this arena rather than daytime television programming, as evidenced by her ill-fated stint with NBC's Megyn Kelly Show.

The problem isn't DeSantis' approach to political discourse. The problem lies in his failure to present an authentic version of himself to the public. The question remains: will he course-correct and bring a more authentic presence to his campaign moving forward?


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