Tucker's Return: Triumphs and Tricky Terrain

Explore Tucker Carlson's Twitter debut: critical insights, highs, and hitches. Your perspective is due for a jolt - dive in now.

June 7, 2023

Unveiling his debut episode on Twitter, Tucker Carlson demonstrated a well-rehearsed mastery of his craft. He boldly proclaimed, “America might be the least informed people in the world.  Your average yak herder in Tajikistan knows who blew up the Nord Stream pipeline.” His knack for dissection seasoned with biting commentary and his trademark humor, was as savory as we'd expect. Still, this new journey on Twitter, like any uncharted course, is not without its fair share of bumps and blind spots.

Racking up over eighty million views in less than 24 hours after release, Tucker's Twitter debut is undeniably a hit. But let's not pop the champagne just yet. We need to consider the terrain here; Twitter, a minefield of political fervor, is quite different from the serene pastures of Fox News or legacy TV, where everyday folks can sit back and absorb information at their leisure. Tucker’s appeal among the politically passionate is clear, but can he also coax the 'political wallflowers' out of their comfort zone to engage with his show?

Our journey takes a curious detour when we glance over at Twitter censorship, a glaring pitfall that Tucker seemed to sidestep rather deftly. Tucker ignored the curious saga of Elon’s own lawyers refuting his claim that the ‘Twitter Files’ exposed US government censorship. Linda Yaccarino, who formerly worked with the WEF & Biden Administration is now the CEO. Alex Jones is unconstitutionally banned from Twitter - why were these points left uncharted? Tucker's April sit-down with Musk was a fascinating exploration, but it noticeably lacked a deeper probe into Musk's double-dealing approach to free speech.

Tucker's closing remarks proved to be a steep cliff that he didn't quite scale. He subtly approached the topic of 'gatekeepers' on Twitter, promising to promptly exit stage left should these gatekeepers manifest. The glaring issue? These gatekeepers aren't merely hypothetical. They are already patrolling the platform, enforcing their rules with an iron fist. Numerous ex-FBI and CIA agents are still employed at Twitter. It's practically a retirement home for three-letter agencies. Elon Musk has never confirmed the closure of the portal between our federal government and Twitter. Figures such as Nick Fuentes, Steve Bannon (War Room), and Ye remain banned.

The true test for Tucker lies in tackling these challenges head-on. It's not about whether he himself gets censored; it's about recognizing the uneven playing field and the curators pulling the strings.

Navigating this Twitter landscape is no walk in the park. As Tucker forges his path, we're all waiting eagerly to see how he'll traverse this tricky terrain. Will he confront the giants in his path? Will he manage to reach the far corners of the audience landscape? For now, we can only watch, hoping for more triumphs than tribulations in Tucker's Twitter journey.


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