Tim Pool's Transgression? Stirring Ideological Conflict

Daily radio talk show host, Pastor Marty, criticizes Tim Pool for inviting trans panelist, Sara Higdon on his show.

June 4, 2023

In the current ideological climate, which bears the hallmarks of a civil war, a recent point of contention emerged involving Pastor Marty. He hosts a daily radio talk show on AM 840 WPGS in the Orlando-Daytona Beach, Florida area. Pastor Marty provides commentary on pop culture and politics from Monday to Thursday at 12:05pm and 5:05pm. Recently, he expressed criticism towards Tim Pool, a well-known independent journalist and political commentator, for inviting transsexual panelist Sara Higdon onto his show, Tim Cast IRL. This critique ignited a discussion that merits careful consideration. The aim isn't to target those who courageously express their opinions, but to engage in respectful dialogue, challenge prevailing ideas, and promote understanding and growth.

Pastor Marty's critique of Pool is rooted in his perception of Pool as a conservative figure who, in his view, has compromised his values by inviting a transgender individual onto his platform. Marty's reaction is a stark example of how deeply ingrained beliefs can shape our perceptions and responses. However, it's essential to challenge this perspective and ask: why does it matter so much that a biological man identifies as a woman?

At the core of this issue, we find not a simple binary of right or wrong, but a complex interplay of respect and understanding. As individuals, we reserve the right to disagree with someone's lifestyle, but it remains crucial to respect their identity, provided it doesn't harm or infringe upon the rights of others. It's worth noting that disrespecting someone's identity or lifestyle, even when they aren't violating our rights, can incite a defensive reaction, potentially leading to an encroachment on our rights in response. While acknowledging someone's preferred pronouns isn't mandatory, maintaining a basic level of respect and understanding, even amidst disagreement, is a cornerstone of peaceful coexistence.

It's worth highlighting that harboring dislike for someone purely based on their transgender identity is as irrational as disliking someone due to their religious beliefs. Such prejudice only serves to sow seeds of division and discord. Therefore, it's essential to exercise caution with labels and avoid hastily pigeonholing individuals based on preconceived notions. In this particular instance, Pastor Marty failed to provide a substantial rationale for his concern over Higdon's participation on the show.

Sara Higdon is a Bronze Star-decorated Army veteran diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria in 2019. She began her medical transition, embracing her identity as a transsexual woman. However, Sara stands distinctively against the tide of Marxist-influenced Gender Ideology and Queer Theory that she perceives as dominating the cultural narrative.


Higdon, is a figure who, despite lifestyle choices some may not respect, does not seek to infringe upon others' rights. Rather, she stands as a potential ally, a voice that resonates with a unique perspective that can enrich the discourse. It's crucial to recognize that ideological differences do not automatically equate to enmity. In this complex battle of ideas, Higdon is not an adversary but a fellow participant striving for understanding and respect.

The crux of Pastor Marty's critique of Tim Pool seems to stem from a misunderstanding, primarily due to the mischaracterization of Pool as a conservative. In truth, Pool has never professed to be a conservative. His ideological stance leans more towards classic liberalism, a school of thought that champions diversity and harbors no reservations about transgender individuals. Pool, a man of faith, has showcased his commitment to fostering a diverse dialogue by inviting transgender women onto his show on multiple occasions. This openness to a range of perspectives underscores Pool's dedication to creating a comprehensive and varied discourse.

Pool's approach to the transgender discourse is commendable. He respects transgender individuals while acknowledging the reality of biological differences. He supports the argument that biological men shouldn't compete against women in sports, a stance that is not hypocritical but rather a testament to his fairness and commitment to truth.

Patriot Belle, another Constitutional Conservative with a libertarian viewpoint, is also a transsexual woman. Taking a leaf from Belle's book offers another perspective on the discussion surrounding transsexual individuals. Like Higdon, she doesn't wield her identity as a weapon. Instead, she places her country, God and family at the forefront, demonstrating that her identity is just one facet of her multifaceted persona. This approach, which emphasizes the content of the individual over surface level identity, is a testament to balance and deserves both respect and admiration.

Pastor Marty's critique of Tim Pool offers a valuable lesson: it's crucial to look beyond labels and preconceived notions and strive for understanding and respect. It's not about who's right or wrong but about fostering a dialogue that respects individual identities and promotes unity in diversity.

In the ideological arena, reminiscent of a civil war's dynamics, the goal extends beyond merely fostering peace, understanding, and mutual respect. Indeed, the true objective lies in securing a victory. However, this victory isn't about domination but about cohabitation. It's about creating spaces where individuals, despite their differences, share a common moral fabric strong enough to weave together a harmonious society. To realize this goal, we must accurately identify our adversaries within this dialogue. It's crucial to understand that an enemy isn't merely someone with contrasting views, but rather someone who first identifies you as their adversary. As we traverse this intricate terrain, let's champion diversity, learn from each other, for that's the only way we can truly grow and evolve as a society.


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