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The Libertarian Party of Connecticut tweeted.... Libertarian Party of Connecticut.

September 5, 2022

The Libertarian Party of Connecticut tweeted.... Libertarian Party of Connecticut @LPofCT

Replying to @StucknDaMid and @RepDanBishop

Trump was going to clean house last time and he just appointed the Swamp at every turn. Why would this time be different? DeSantis is besties with the establishment, regardless of his rhetoric in Florida.

This is fair skepticism, but unfair expectation. DC is a machine. Imagine if Elon Musk took over GM tomorrow. It would take years for Elon to clean house, hire the right people, revamp and have GM making EVs on scale like Tesla now.

Trump helped shine a light on these people. We went from:

  • 5/30/18 - "There is no deep state" @GenMhayden
  • 11/24/19 - "There is no deep state, but maybe there should be" @washingtonpost
  • 7/26/22 - "You’re Going to Miss the Deep State When It’s Gone" @thedailybeast

Loose Definitions:

  1. Deep State: Is more about "national security" i.e. CIA.
  2. Administrative State: Mid-level staffers and the like who really are the ones keeping our government gears moving.

@ballotpedia has an amazing article on the administrative state.

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How did the administrative state start? Woodrow Wilson - one of the most disastrous presidents in US history - expanded the idea of an administrative state and 'living constitution'. Common people are suffering today based on much of the legislation he signed into law in 1913.

Woodrow Wilson (D) and the Democratic Party (House/Senate) took over DC in 1913. They proceeded to annihilate the constitution. They turned our federal government into an uncontrollable monster that destroys anything or anyone who dares question its power.


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