The Citizenry's Duty

An exploration of the Republic's challenges, reflecting on governance shifts and the call for secession.

August 16, 2023

In moments of profound societal discord, there arises a duty for the citizenry to reevaluate the ties binding them to their governing body. They must contemplate their rightful station among the nations, guided by the unyielding laws of nature. It is paramount that the motivations for such contemplations be lucidly presented for collective understanding.

It stands as an undeniable truth that each soul possesses intrinsic rights. These rights encompass the preservation of life, the liberty to determine one's path, and the quest for genuine fulfillment. Alas, these foundational rights, upon which our Republic was birthed, now find themselves threatened by actions that diverge from our core ideals. These threats, often cloaked in the guise of progress or necessity, are fueled by unseen forces that seek to reshape our societal fabric.

In this era of upheaval, where the bedrock of our Republic is assailed, the citizenry stands at a pivotal juncture. The aggregation of pecuniary influence, a menace our forebears foresaw, has tainted the pillars of our governance. This influence has given rise to a confederation of political luminaries, swayed not by the common good but by mercantile interests.

These very luminaries, in their ambition and design, have forsaken the union. Without the assent or awareness of the masses, these figures lead those steadfast in the ideals of our fledgling Republic into uncharted territories. This emerging realm, moulded by the unholy alliance of monetary power, mercantile houses, and these ambitious statesmen, threatens to vanquish adversaries not through discourse but through subterfuge.

The Constitution, a testament to the wisdom of its crafters, was designed with deliberate checks and balances to forestall such dominions of power. Yet, recent actions against a former statesman, accusing him of concealed misdeeds, strike not merely at his person but at the very essence of our Republic. These unparalleled actions, casting doubts upon the sanctity of our voting rites, unsettle the balance of power. When provincial authorities dare overshadow a figure of national stature, it signifies a diminishing influence of our federal structure. Such unchecked audacities, if left unchecked, portend the erosion of the democratic tenets we hold dear. Our Constitution, our guiding beacon in these challenging periods, stands sentinel against these transgressions.

In the annals of this great Republic, the states have ever been the guardians of the union. Conceived in the crucible of revolution, the federal construct was ordained to serve these sovereign entities, ensuring harmony amongst them. Yet, in this present age, a disconcerting alliance has emerged. There are states, in union with the federal mechanism, that seek to vanquish their political foes. It is of the utmost urgency, in these challenging periods, for states of virtue and principle to ascend, wielding their authority to counter such transgressions and restore equilibrium.

Yet, the states are not the sole entities in their lapse of duty. The Supreme Judiciary, that august branch of our governance entrusted with the solemn task of mediating disputes between states, faltered at a moment most critical. The matter of Texas versus Pennsylvania stands as a grievous testament to this oversight. The Court's abstention from adjudicating this paramount case not only betrayed its sacrosanct purpose but also deepened the chasm of mistrust. Such an omission, perceived by the citizenry as an unspoken censure of the events of the year 2020, casts a shadow over that very institution, once hailed as the beacon of justice.

Our revered Constitution, in its wisdom, clearly delineates the role of the Supreme Judiciary in such affairs. As inscribed in Article III, Section 2: "The judicial Power shall extend... to Controversies between two or more States." Such is the clear mandate bestowed upon them.

The divisions that now afflict our Republic penetrate to the very core of our societal ethos. We find ourselves ensnared in an epoch wherein the citizenry is riven on truths most foundational, even on matters as elemental as the very definition of womanhood. These discordances are not merely confined to policy or governance; they infiltrate the sanctum of our cultural and moral convictions. The occurrences and aftermath of the year 2020, veiled in obfuscation and doubt, have further deepened these rifts. For a citizenry that harbors no trust in its voting rites is, in its essence, ungovernable.

It is with a heavy heart and a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence that we declare the need for secession. For boundaries have been crossed, and differences have emerged that are irreconcilable. Yet, this secession must be peaceful, for violence and discord have no place in this solemn act. States must bond, people of like minds must unite, and a realignment, based on shared moral beliefs, must occur.

In these challenging periods, we call upon the wisdom of our ancestors and the guiding hand of our Creator to steer our Republic back to the principles of liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness. For in these principles, enshrined in our cherished Declaration, lies the true spirit of America.


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