Revamping US Elections: A Call to Action for Republicans

Discover the intricate dynamics of U.S. elections in our comprehensive analysis. Learn about ballot harvesting, media bias, and Big Tech's influence. Take action – become informed, stay vigilant. Don't let democracy's future be uncertain!

May 21, 2023

* Article Date: 05.10.2023
* Authors: Mark Hemingway and Mollie Hemingway
* Source: The American Mind

Summarized by Chat GPT and Wayne McEachron AKA Osiris

1. The article, written by Mark Hemingway and Mollie Hemingway, expresses a deep concern about the current state of U.S. elections, emphasizing the supposed overpowering influence of media, Big Tech, and Democrats, as outlined in their work, "Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections."

2. The authors critically discuss the shift from "election day" to "election season," during which millions of mail-in ballots are distributed across the country, creating potential issues of accuracy and integrity.

3. Mark Hemingway and Mollie Hemingway highlight their belief that the quality of candidates has become less important, due to the influence of media and powerful interest groups that they claim dictate the electoral infrastructure.

4. The article reflects on the 2022 midterms, where the authors argue that despite certain challenges, including economic instability and a flawed Afghan withdrawal, Republicans did not achieve a decisive victory.

5. Mark Hemingway and Mollie Hemingway discuss ballot harvesting, indicating concern that sophisticated Democratic operations might be gathering votes from less informed or unmotivated citizens, overshadowing the efforts of the informed and motivated ones.

6. The authors further suggest that ballot harvesting, while it operates in legal or gray areas, could be a form of manipulation, and urge Republicans to develop their own strategies to compete.

7. Mark Hemingway and Mollie Hemingway condemn Facebook-turned-Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg for disproportionately distributing "COVID election grants" which allegedly favor Democratic Party activists, arguing for further legal action to counter such practices.

8. The authors voice their concern about the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a voter registration data sharing platform, which they believe is managed by Democratic activists, potentially compromising data security and integrity.

9. The article criticizes the current media landscape, describing it as a "disinformation industrial complex." The authors state that the suppression of certain news and voices is a threat to fair elections and the country itself.

10. The authors, Mark Hemingway and Mollie Hemingway, call for leadership within the Republican party, urging for more focus on organizing effective campaigns and policy changes at local and federal levels, to ensure fair elections and open debates.

Keywords: Elections, United States Politics, Ballot Harvesting, Media Bias, Big Tech Influence, Democracy, Republican Party, Democratic Party, Voter Fraud, Mark Zuckerberg, Election Grants, Election Infrastructure, Disinformation, Information Suppression, Voter Registration, Voter Motivation, Policy Changes, Social Media Censorship, Activism, Grassroots Organizing


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