New 'Pet Tax' Controversy: Could House Bill 24-1163 Change Pet Ownership Forever?

Explore Colorado's proposed House Bill 24-1163, introduced by Regina English, proposing a pet tax that could reshape pet ownership in the state.

February 4, 2024

House Bill 24-1163, introduced by Democrat @ReginaEnglishCO in the Colorado state legislature, proposes a 'pet tax' requiring all pet owners to register their animals in a state-run system.

This bill, dubbed by critics as both exorbitant and unnecessary, aims to impose fees on every non-livestock animal, with a structure that could significantly impact pet owners financially, especially those with multiple pets or breeders.Concerns about this bill revolve around its potential to create a financial burden for pet owners, including those with a wide variety of pets, from dogs and cats to reptiles and invertebrates.

The fees, described as punitive to those less financially capable, could deter people from adopting pets and place additional strain on animal shelters. Additionally, with stiff penalties for non-compliance, pet owners could face significant fines for unregistered animals, raising questions about the impact on personal freedoms and the possible disincentive for pet ownership.


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