My problem with Ye.

My opinion and main problem with Ye.

October 20, 2022

* Ye donated money to George Floyd's daughter

* No good deed goes unpunished huh?

* Did Ye threaten to take the money back? Did Ye say anything about George Floyd's daughter?

This is my problem with Ye.... It includes other people I respect also not just Ye.

* They are going after Ye in a similar fashion as they went after Alex Jones but there is an extra motivation here... Ye identifies as "black".

* There is an attack on men in general in our country but Biden just joked about defining what someone being black is.

* People like Nikole Hannah Jones reaffirm this position

* We also see this attack on men and specifically black men in entertainment.

* I don't believe this nonsense they do and Kanye has fallen into this trap.

* Partly because Ye's father was a Black Panther

* Ye is doing what a man does.

* He supported Floyd's daughter in 2020 and I see no reason to say he doesn't still support her success.

* See Ye believes he's in a black community

* Ye was asked about abortion and why he's pro-life. His answer included race.

* He is analyzing the situation and trying to help people who he believes he's in a community with. Learn a lesson here outside of policing

* They are other lessons we can learn here besides of besides policing, It's your dumb black ass that associates black people with police

* You identitarians are the ones who call Steve Bannon racist when he had the best most populist take from Floyd.

* That is the take from a man being a man being a leader actually caring about a situation and not walking around like a zombie.

* Kanye West saw the Candace Owens documentary and woke up. He saw there was more to unpack.

* When Kanye unpacks it then the same group that he calls himself being in. community with turns on him.

* People have to be able to state their opinion and have us critique and work through it.

* Kanye clip on Hanukkah financial engineering

Kanye West Response


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