Moment Denied

Larry Elder's Exclusion: A Moment to Reflect

August 22, 2023

In the ever-evolving narrative of political discourse, certain events prompt us to pause and reconsider established norms. Such is the case with Larry Elder's recent exclusion from the upcoming RNC debate. As the political landscape subtly shifts, we find ourselves questioning the very foundations of our democratic processes.

Larry Elder, a radio legend, former gubernatorial candidate for California, and presidential hopeful, stands at the forefront of this introspection. His absence from the debate not only raises eyebrows but also casts a spotlight on the transparency and fairness of the selection process. The RNC, DNC, and even media giants like Fox News, have long been seen as the gatekeepers of American political discourse. Yet, Elder's sidelining from the debate stage underscores a pressing call to action.

The audacity of Elder's approach, much like Trump's, challenges the political establishment. His recent takedown of Charlamagne on "The Breakfast Club" showcased his prowess as a debater, leaving even figures like rapper Nas in awe. The establishment, it seems, fears such sharp wit on stage, especially when it could overshadow their chosen candidates.

But this isn't just about Elder. It's a reflection of a broader sentiment, a collective awakening surging across the nation. The disdain for orchestrated exclusions and the puppeteering of electoral outcomes has reached a crescendo. The public is no longer willing to be mere spectators, watching as their voices are sidelined by political elites and gatekeepers.

Kari Lake, a staunch supporter of Elder, echoes this sentiment. Her call for Elder's voice, especially his insights on school choice and education freedom, to be heard at the Republican debate resonates with many. It's a testament to the transformative momentum building across the country.

Yet, amidst this groundswell of support, there's a realization. The political mechanisms, the backroom deals, and the shadowy sidelining of voices are being exposed. The veil on electoral puppeteering is lifting, revealing the machinations that have kept the political machine running, often at the expense of genuine representation.

The future of politics is being written now. As the political tectonics continue to shift, the story that emerges promises to be one of resurgence, reimagining, and a democracy that truly reflects the will of its people. Elder's voice, and the voices of many like him, will not be silenced. They will rise, challenge, and ultimately reshape the political discourse of the nation.


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