Mitchell's Misstep is DeSantis' Challenge

A DeSantis Supporter's Shocking Derailment and the Ultimate Reflection on the Candidate

August 18, 2023

In "The Culture War Ep. 26" of Tim Pool's show, staunch DeSantis supporter Bill Mitchell, who faced accusations of resembling an "aging lesbian," had an outburst that captured attention. This eyebrow-raising interaction peeled back the curtain on the pitfalls political surrogates face when they veer off-script.

Ron DeSantis projects an image of poise and decorum, distinguishing himself from the often brash style of Donald Trump. Responding to jabs directed at him, DeSantis remarked, “When he hits me with the juvenile insults, I think that helps me. I don’t think voters like that,” DeSantis said. “I actually don’t mind it at all. I think it’s just a reminder why there’s so many millions of voters who will never vote for him going forward.” This retort not only parries the digs but also accentuates his conviction that voters crave a leader with grace and focus. By spotlighting his tenacity and the futility of such taunts, DeSantis positions himself as the voice of reason in a cacophonous political arena.

Bill Mitchell, the head honcho of "YourVoice America," found himself in the thick of this fiery debate. The debate, which weighed the merits of Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, featured Laura Loomer, a renowned independent journalist, advocating for Trump. However, the narrative took a turn when Mitchell unexpectedly brought up Alex Bruesewitz, a leading conservative political strategist. Although Bruesewitz wasn't part of the episode, he became the topic of conversation due to a cheeky comment he made about Mitchell in the past.

The air crackled with tension as Mitchell, diverging from the main agenda, grilled Tim Pool about Bruesewitz's claim that Mitchell bore a resemblance to an "aging lesbian." Laura Loomer's razor-sharp response, challenging the claim's accuracy, only stoked the flames. Kyle Becker's suppressed amusement was evident, and Tim Pool's endeavors to navigate the conversation back to terra firma hit a brick wall time and again. It's pivotal to note that Mitchell proactively brought up this topic. Mitchell, digging himself deeper, retaliated with a jab at Loomer, alluding to her transformed look over the years, met with Loomer's candid confession about her cosmetic enhancements, a nod to her unfiltered persona.

Mitchell's attempt to position DeSantis as morally superior to Trump loses its impact when he gets sidetracked, inadvertently highlighting the challenges DeSantis' supporters face. Tim Pool's efforts to anchor the debate were constantly derailed by Mitchell's side quests. This pattern, emblematic of a chunk of DeSantis's brigade, showcased their penchant for getting lost in the weeds.

Tim Pool noted that, despite his critiques of Trump, the latter's supporters didn't target him with the same intensity as they did Mitchell. Mitchell replied stating he receives backlash on his timeline for being critical of Trump, was telling. The issue isn’t about the critiques but centered on being real. Mitchell's comments are poorly reasoned, seem disingenuous, and his clear aversion to Trump's supporters is evident. This authenticity deficit was further highlighted when he needlessly mentioned Alex.

Comedy often holds a grain of truth, which is why jokes have become a powerful tool in shaping public opinion. Laura's snappy remark, "Was he wrong though?" wasn't just a playful dig but a reflection of this zeitgeist.

Surrogates, whether positively or negatively, reflect the candidate they support. If DeSantis had broadcasted a clearer message to his die-hard fans about evading petty spats, perhaps they would heed the call.


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