Mark Cuban and Clay Travis: A Twitter Spat Timeline

Explore the timeline of the Twitter feud between Clay Travis and Mark Cuban over NBA and China. Get the full story, tweet by tweet.

July 9, 2023

The recent Twitter feud between Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and OutKick founder Clay Travis has been a hot topic in the sports world. The exchange, which took place on July 6, 2023, revolved around the NBA's declining ratings and its relationship with China. Here's a detailed timeline of the events:

The Beginning

The interaction began with a tweet from Clay Travis on July 6, 2023, where he shared an article from OutKick titled "NBA Is The Original Bud Light, And No One In Mainstream Sports Media Will Tell You That". In the article, Travis criticized the NBA for its declining ratings and its failure to address China's human rights violations.

The Exchange

Mark Cuban responded to Travis's tweet, stating that the NBA's ratings were up and that the league was more popular than any other TV show, particularly among young demographics. He also questioned what would happen to Travis's show when AM radio is taken out of all cars and trucks.

Travis retorted, stating that the NBA Finals ratings were at a thirty-year low and that the NBA's popularity peaked 25 years ago. He also mentioned that his show gets over 15 million podcast downloads a month and questioned Cuban's stance on China's human rights violations.

Cuban responded by saying that all people deserve human rights, in all countries. However, when Travis pushed Cuban to have the NBA or the Dallas Mavericks issue a statement against China's human rights violations, Cuban did not directly respond.

The Escalation

The exchange escalated when Travis tweeted, "I can’t imagine being a billionaire and still being afraid to say what I actually think because I’m worried about what communist dictators might think of me. What’s the point of having f**k you money if you’re too much of a bitch to even say f**k you to China?”

Travis continued to criticize Cuban for his silence on China's human rights violations and accused him of being more concerned about their Twitter exchange than China's denial of basic human rights.

The Aftermath

The Twitter spat ended with Travis stating, "Mark, you’re a billionaire who refuses to stand up to communist China. Bitch is a kind word for you. I hope one day you grow a set of balls. Until then give Chairman Xi my regards next time you guys hang out at the concentration camps."

The exchange between Cuban and Travis highlights the ongoing debate about the NBA's relationship with China and its impact on the league's ratings. As of now, Cuban has not issued any further responses to Travis's comments.


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