Joshua Smith: A Libertarian Vision for America's Future

This article provides an in-depth analysis of Joshua Smith's political positions, drawing from his statements on the Timcast IRL podcast and his official website.

October 30, 2023

In a political climate dominated by the left-right dichotomy, Joshua Smith emerges as a compelling figure advocating for a different path. A member of the Libertarian Party, Smith has served in leadership roles within the party and has been vocal about his vision for America. This article aims to provide an in-depth look at Smith's political positions, drawing from his statements on the Timcast IRL podcast and his official website.

A Libertarian at Heart

Smith's affiliation with the Libertarian Party is more than just a label; it's a commitment to a set of principles. He aims for a 5% vote share to elevate the Libertarian Party to national major party status, a move that would revolutionize the American political arena. This would grant the party equal treatment alongside Republicans and Democrats, including participation in national debates.

The Economics of Freedom

Smith's economic philosophy is rooted in the principles of free-market capitalism. He vehemently opposes the "too big to fail" mentality that has led to government bailouts for failing corporations. Instead, Smith advocates for a market where businesses sink or swim based on their own merits.

But Smith doesn't stop there. He proposes a radical overhaul of the American tax system. His administration would eliminate all federal income taxes, including payroll, capital gains, and estate taxes. The government would then be funded through user fees for specific services and voluntary crowdfunding. This approach challenges the very foundation of federal revenue collection, arguing that if the government cannot sustain itself without forced taxation, it doesn't deserve to exist.

Social Liberties and Civil Rights

Smith takes a strong stance on issues related to gender and mental health. He criticizes the current approach to gender-affirming care, particularly for children. According to Smith, doctors and therapists who prescribe life-altering treatments to minors should be prosecuted under federal law, equating such actions to child sex trafficking.

He also calls for a reevaluation of mental healthcare in the U.S., advocating for a system that helps individuals come to terms with reality rather than pushing them towards permanent, life-altering decisions.

The Future of Education

Smith's views on education are unequivocal: the Department of Education should be abolished. He argues that the department has failed to improve educational outcomes despite a quadrupling of spending since the early '80s. Instead, Smith believes in empowering parents and students through school choice, allowing schools to compete for students based on cost and curriculum quality.

A New Foreign Policy

Smith's military experience informs his foreign policy views. He condemns the forever wars that have cost thousands of American and foreign lives, advocating for the closure of international bases and an end to U.S. involvement in foreign civil wars. His administration would focus on domestic issues, cutting foreign aid and prioritizing American citizens.

Accountability and Transparency

Smith doesn't shy away from holding powerful entities accountable. He plans to launch a full investigation into the federal COVID-19 task force and associated organizations, advocating for their prosecution for crimes against humanity.

Monetary Policy and the Federal Reserve

Smith's vision extends to the very core of America's financial system—the Federal Reserve. He advocates for its abolition, arguing that Americans have the right to free and fair trade without government interference.


Joshua Smith presents a vision for America that challenges conventional political wisdom. His libertarian principles offer a different path, one that emphasizes individual freedom, fiscal responsibility, and limited government intervention. While some may find his ideas radical, there's no denying that they offer a fresh perspective in a political landscape often mired in the same old debates.


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