Did Babylon Bee Fire Their VP Over Trump Support?

Rough Twitter Timeline of what happened between Seth Dillon and Babylon Bee Marketing VP Gavin Mario Wax

May 27, 2023

The Twitter sphere recently played host to a fiery clash between Gavin Mario Wax and Max Nordau, two prominent figures in the conservative online community, with political correspondent Jenna Ellis and Gavin's boss, entrepreneur Seth Dillon joining the fray. The controversy started when Gavin Wax, seemingly targeting DeSantis supporters, asked them to declare whether they are financially linked with Governor Ron DeSantis' campaign or any aligned PAC. The tweet sparked a tense exchange with Nordau, which ended up expanding to include Ellis and Dillon.

Nordau responded to Wax's allegations by pointing out that Wax himself was formerly employed by a company financed by Ho Wan Kwok. A Chinese businessman and Gettr investor better known as, Guo Wengui, who is embroiled in a massive fraud case. Gavin Mario Wax retorted by questioning whether he was being held accountable for the actions of a former employer he had limited interaction with. He also took issue with Christina Pushaw, DeSantis' most effective online spokesperson, for liking Nordau's tweet.

In response to Wax's escalating tweets, Seth Dillon, the CEO of The Babylon Bee, expressed his disapproval, suggesting that Wax's conduct didn't sit well with the Bee's brand. Gavin Wax is listed as the Marketing Vice President of Seth Dillon's company. Meanwhile, Jenna Ellis sided with Nordau and called out Wax for his aggressive tweeting. Wax, in his characteristic confrontational manner, responded to Ellis with personal insults. The heated exchange concluded with Dillon asking Wax to remove the Bee from his Twitter bio, indicating a possible severance of their professional relationship.

This online confrontation underscored the newly formed intense rivalries present in political discourse on social media. Some of these political brawls are among people who might have been considered on the same side at one point. It also highlighted the growing tension within the MAGA community between supporters of former President Trump and those of Governor DeSantis. Yet, amid the fierce debate and personal jabs, the importance of truth, clarity, and civil discourse in political dialogue was brought into sharp focus.

Timeline of Tweets

Disclaimer: It's uncertain if any tweets have been missed or deleted, and no archives were checked. For any questions, corrections, or additions, reach out via Twitter at @stuckndamid.


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