Chuck Dixon Unleashes 'Horseman' in the Rippaverse: A New Era of Heroics

Discover Chuck Dixon and Joe Bennett's latest creation, 'Horseman,' a groundbreaking addition to the Rippaverse.

February 5, 2024

The announcement of Chuck Dixon's new project, a Rippaverse graphic novel titled Horseman, in collaboration with artist Joe Bennett, marks an exciting development in the realm of comic books. Known for his significant contributions to the Batman and Punisher series, including the creation of the iconic villain Bane, Dixon's venture into the Rippaverse with Horseman promises to bring a fresh perspective to the superhero genre.

The concept of Horseman revolves around a "street-level crime-fighting character," as described by Dixon during Megacon in Orlando. This character, distinguished by a lack of superpowers and self-made resilience, is a departure from the omnipotent superheroes commonly seen in the genre. The collaboration between Dixon and Bennett, under the approval of Rippaverse owner and publisher Eric July, indicates a commitment to delivering high-action content with a unique artistic flair, as promised by Dixon's assurance of "super action the way only Joe Bennett can deliver."

The choice to create a character like Horseman, who operates without superpowers and relies on his wits and physical prowess, mirrors a growing trend in comics towards more grounded, relatable heroes. This approach not only differentiates Horseman from the pantheon of existing superheroes but also aligns with Dixon's ethos of crafting stories suitable for a "precocious 10-year old," avoiding the R-rated territory that other vigilante characters might venture into.

The visual design of Horseman, featuring a blue horse mask and spiked batons, coupled with armored greaves and armguards, suggests a blend of traditional superhero motifs with a distinctive, modern aesthetic. The inclusion of pouches and practical gear emphasizes the character's street-level, tactical approach to crime-fighting.

The anticipation surrounding Horseman is further bolstered by the success of Dixon and Bennett's previous collaboration on Alphacore #1, which saw significant sales, demonstrating the potential audience interest in their latest project. Set to go on sale in the summer of 2024, Horseman represents not only a new direction for Dixon and Bennett but also for the Rippaverse, as it continues to expand its offerings and carve out a unique space in the comic book industry.

The reception to the announcement of Horseman at Megacon, coupled with Dixon's reputation and Bennett's artistic prowess, sets high expectations for the graphic novel. As the Rippaverse grows, projects like Horseman underscore the demand for innovative, character-driven stories that challenge traditional superhero narratives, offering readers a blend of action, complexity, and relatability that resonates with both long-time fans and newcomers to the genre.


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