BLM was always a gateway drug to destruction of the West

Revisit 2016 Black Lives Matter article from The Hill. Black Lives Matter was not about racial equality. It is an LGBTQ+ advocacy group with the goal of redefining family structures and cultural norms.

May 28, 2023

Original Article Published on: Sep 6, 2016
Source: The Hill, Article by Alex Nitzberg

1. Black Lives Matter (BLM), as per their official website, is defined as a radical social intervention, more than a movement addressing racism and police brutality.

2. Aside from racial equality, BLM is also committed to dismantling cis-gender privilege, aiming to uplift Black transgender individuals, a facet often overlooked by mainstream media.

3. One of the BLM’s principles emphasizes building a queer-affirming network, seeking liberation from heteronormative thinking, another understated aspect of their agenda.

4. Black Lives Matter extends its LGBTQ+ advocacy beyond just sexual orientation acceptance, to redefining familial structures.

5. BLM challenges the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure, advocating for the support of extended families and villages, indicating a desire for a collective societal care system.

6. Founders Opal Tometi, Alicia Garza, and Patrisse Cullors are all U.S.-based black feminists and seasoned organizers, with Cullors and Garza identifying as queer, reflecting the inclusive foundation of BLM.

7. BLM supports active participation and leadership from transgender individuals, reinforcing the movement's multi-faceted approach to equality.

8. BLM's vision of justice encompasses freedom for black people who are queer, transgender, formerly or presently incarcerated, undocumented or facing any number of other challenges, emphasizing intersectionality.

9. The language used on the BLM website such as “trans women, gender non-conforming, femmes, same-gender-loving,” “actual or perceived sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression” and “gender spectrum” indicates a push for greater gender identity understanding and acceptance.

10. Despite the availability of extensive information about BLM’s broader goals, mainstream media has been criticized for inadequately representing the movement's agenda, particularly its LGBTQ+ advocacy.


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