Biden's Climate Control: Playing God by Blocking the Sun?

"Biden's SRM plan: a divine act or a climate catastrophe? Explore the controversial proposal to block out the sun in our in-depth analysis."

July 3, 2023

In an era of heated debates about climate change, the Biden administration is considering a method that sounds like it's straight out of a science fiction novel: blocking out the sun. This method, known as Solar Radiation Modification (SRM), is detailed in a recent report by the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), a department within the executive branch of the U.S. government that advises the President on the effects of science and technology on domestic and international affairs.

"A program of research into the scientific and societal implications of solar radiation modification (SRM) would enable better-informed decisions about the potential risks and benefits of SRM as a component of climate policy, alongside the foundational elements of greenhouse gas emissions mitigation and adaptation." (Page 5) This quote from the OSTP report highlights the gravity of the situation. The government is seriously considering altering the Earth's climate system, introducing an additional change to our already complex climate system.

The idea of blocking out the sun to combat climate change is as absurd as it sounds. It's like trying to stop a hurricane by blowing in the opposite direction. The federal government's approach to the pandemic - under both presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden - was inexcusable, with a lack of focus on simple, healthy practices. Now, Biden proposes to block out the sun, potentially depriving us of essential sunlight. It's a clear example of the government playing God.

"By their fundamental nature, the current suite of potential SRM methods would not simply negate (explicitly offset) all current or future impacts of climate change induced by increased atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. They would introduce an additional change (an alteration of solar energy at scales determined by the particular SRM method) to the existing, complex climate system, with ramifications which are not now well understood." (Page 5) This quote further emphasizes the potential risks of SRM. It's not a simple solution, but a drastic measure that could have unforeseen consequences.

The decision-makers are likely to be the same people who frequented restaurants during lockdowns while forcing others to wear masks. It's hard not to imagine that the wealthy and powerful will find a way to avoid the consequences of this plan. Will the sun still shine on the homes of Soros, Gates, Obama, Clinton, and Bush while the rest of us live in their shadow? This situation is reminiscent of the British introduction of rabbits to Australia for hunting purposes in the 19th century, which led to an ecological disaster as the rabbits multiplied and destroyed crops. The decision was made without considering the potential consequences, much like the current proposal to block out the sun.

The government has failed to provide a clear outline of the pros and cons of SRM. We didn't start with the most simple solution during the pandemic, and we're not starting with the most simple solution now. It's like trying to predict the weather without looking at the sky.

Who asked for this? How much is it going to cost? Why is Congress approving a budget for this? These are questions that need to be answered. The corporate media is all on board with the state. We have a state-sponsored media that would never cover this story in a serious manner. This story is kept online which makes it easier to isolate within specific echo chamber.

The government's plan to block out the sun is a clear example of their overreach and lack of transparency. We need to start questioning their motives and demanding answers. Just as the inhabitants of Easter Island, the Chinese during the Great Leap Forward, and the Australians with their rabbit problem, we could be heading towards a self-inflicted disaster if we don't scrutinize the actions of those in power.

As we navigate the stormy seas of this climate debate, it's crucial that we don't lose sight of the horizon. The proposal to block out the sun is a drastic measure that could have unforeseen consequences, much like a sudden change in the weather. We must ensure that in our attempt to clear the skies, we don't end up causing a downpour.


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