A Tough Day at the Office: All-Women SWAT Teams Take On the 2024 UAE Challenge

Explore the 2024 UAE SWAT Challenge: Elite all-women teams from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Chile, Belarus, Thailand attempt to showcase tactical skills

February 10, 2024

The 2024 UAE SWAT Challenge was a significant event, showcasing elite SWAT teams from around the world, including all-women teams from various countries, competing in a series of tactical and physical challenges. This edition of the challenge was hosted by Dubai Police at Al Ruwayaa Training City from February 3 and featured a total of 87 elite Special Weapons and Tactics teams from 48 countries. The event was highlighted by the participation of five all-female teams, representing Dubai Police, Abu Dhabi Police, the Chilean Police, the Militsiya from Belarus, and the Royal Thai Police, which underscored the growing inclusivity and diversity in tactical law enforcement competitions globally.

The competition included five main events: the Tactical, Obstacle Course, Officer Rescue, Tower Challenge, and Assault, aiming to test the teams' tactical skill, physical ability, and proficiency in a variety of law enforcement scenarios. The prize money for the challenge was notably increased this year to $260,000, indicating the event's prestige and competitive spirit.

The all-women SWAT teams, including those from Abu Dhabi and Dubai Police, were especially noteworthy for their determination, rigorous training, and ambition to excel on both local and global stages. The Abu Dhabi Police women's team, making their debut in the competition, prepared intensively, showcasing the dedication and capabilities of female law enforcement officers in facing the competition's demands. Their participation not only aimed at winning but also at inspiring more female police officers and demonstrating the evolving role of women in tactical and law enforcement tasks.

The Dubai Police Women's Team, under the leadership of 1st Lt. Yasser Al Zarouni, participated for the second time, building upon their previous success and further training in advanced skills like tactical shooting, breaching, sniping, and endurance. Their readiness and competitive spirit were a testament to the high level of training and preparation dedicated to excelling in the challenge.

This year's UAE SWAT Challenge was not only a platform for demonstrating tactical excellence and physical prowess but also a significant step towards highlighting the role of women in specialized law enforcement units. The event's inclusivity and the notable performance of the all-women teams were inspirational, showcasing the progress towards gender integration in fields traditionally dominated by men.


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